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Calm your skin with CBD Face Masks

So you love your face masks – it’s your go-to, twice-a-week part of your skin routine that’s a chance for you to connect with that “inner zen” (you know it’s deep down there) and relax.  Well, the best kept secret within the CBD category is CBD Masks.  Have you tried one?  If not, we have found two effective options which can be used independently, or coupled together for a self-care sleep routine.  If you prefer a sheet mask, we’ve tried those too and have a review of our favorite.

Option 1: Naysa CBD Dead Sea Mud Mask

This face mask is pretty much guaranteed to leave your skin feeling smooth, fresh and beautiful.  Forget the expensive Elizabeth Arden facial and opt for one of these. Everyone in the NOIDNOIRx family who has tried this mud mask has absolutely fallen in love.  The dead sea salt and vulcanus kaolin clay clean our your pores and tighten your skin while the CBD helps soothe it from the detox.  Apply the mask onto your face and wait for it to dry (8-10 minutes).  Once it does, little freckle-like marks will appear, pulling out all of the dirt and gunk stuck deep in your pores.  When the mask comes off, your skin will look and feel tighter and appear more luminous. You’ll feel as good as new by treating yourself after a long week (or day) at work.

Option 2: Kana Purple Rice Hemp Sleeping Mask

A luxurious sleeping mask made more enticing by the inclusion of Purple Rice in Kana’s pot of ingredients.  The CBD-forward skincare company educated us on the historical use of purple rice, which was reserved for Chinese Emperors and royal families back in the day.  Their cooling and wonderfully scented mask is also due to the licorice root extract.  Combining the purple rice and licorice amplify the impact of  hyaluronic acid which aids the signs of aging (think smooth fine lines).  But what we are really here for are the cannabinoids!  Mixed with green tea leaf water, the ‘noids and green tea help reduce inflammation while you sleep.  Together, all of the ingredients reduce the appearance of wrinkles and work to radiate your skin while you catch some ZzZ’s.

The best part is that you don’t have to use it just before bed.  We also like to apply and leave this mask on for an hour before washing off with warm water and following with a light moisturizer.  Do note that it is most effective when worn overnight; it provides the product with enough time to really sink into your skin and surprise you with a beautiful morning glow.   You might wake up feeling like an empress.  Appearance-wise – we like the light, milky pastel purple color (naturally deriving from the purple rice).  It’s got a lovely, subtle lightweight aroma and application. With a $65 price tag, you pay for the high quality of ingredients and overnight results.  This is in line with what we’ve paid for high-end, non-CBD masks at Sephora.  We hear that Malaysia is full of blue rice – Kana, anything new and blue in the works?

Anytime option: Joy Organics Sheet Mask

The serum in this 10 mg CBD sheet mask is rooted in Black Licorice & Rosemary extracts, creating a really refreshing and slightly sweet fragrance.  The Colorado-based company uses the entire CBD plant profile, but removed the THC.  The mask is also void of parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde & alcohol, which are often present in sheet masks.  The effect is a nourishing gloss that does not dry out your skin.  What the team really enjoyed about this is that the mask comes in two pieces, so it more evenly molds to your skin.  The smaller molecules in serums penetrate into the skin, delivering the active CBD and other plant extracts. Leave it on for 25-30 minutes.  Then, massage the leftover serum into your face and neck (there is a ton left in the package, so don’t let it go to waste – it’s good stuff).  We recommend this mask for an at home facial – $12.95 a pop although Joy does offer an intro 15% off promo code.

That’s a wrap on our favorite CBD masks so far!  We will keep testing masks, skincare products and more, so stay tuned for more honest reviews!