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CBD Tincture Review: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Oil ‘Em

The idea of CBD tinctures confused me at first – at no point in my day do I take a drop of, well, anything, and put it under my tongue.  Sure, I can get used to the idea of rubbing a CBD-based cream on my face as part of my skincare routine, but dropping oils under my tongue?  It seemed bizarre.

Fast forward a year and it’s part of my wellness routine.  Tinctures are easy to use, but not necessarily easy to make part of your routine. Before I go into “what’s hot and what’s not,” I think it’s worth spending a few minutes discussing how to make the adjustment.

I put my oils next to my daily vitamins, and started with just one drop under the tongue per day.  After my first month using tinctures, I upgraded to two drops under the tongue per day.  I began to eventually enjoy the orange-citrusy treat I gave to myself each morning.  It’s important to try tinctures out to see what kinds of flavors you enjoy the most.  I wouldn’t dive right into the lemon, orange or fruit-flavored tinctures until you try the “natural” CBD oils.  You might discover that you don’t want to drop anything under your tongue, and maybe would like a splash with your morning OJ.  

CBD Tinctures are used by applying drops in your mouth and allowing the oil to absorb through your mucus membranes.  It is a fast way to take in CBD – if you need relief quickly, this is probably the best way to take your daily dose of CBD.  Remember to shake these tinctures up before you use them.  

Now for the fun part.  Below, you’ll find a list of our favorite CBD tinctures on the market.

1. CorVash Farms CBD Tincture

Flavor: Natural
Relax & Refocus
1500 mg
Full Spectrum
Organic Non-GMO

At 1500 mg, this is the most robust CBD tincture we’ve gotten our hands on.  It has a rich green hemp color and taste.  The relaxing effects hit fast – you’ll feel an impact within 20 minutes at the most.  Check out our link to our Peanut Butter Cups recipe here:  We love using Corvash Farms CBD tincture with our PB cups!

2. Funky Farms Lemon Limón CBD Tincture 
Flavor: Lemon Limón
500 mg

These tincture drops from Funky Farms pack a bang of flavor and are actually really smooth going down. It’s a very thin oil that absorbs with a sort of citrus-melon taste. All of our reviewers said they needed a full dropper to feel the effects of the CBD. Our team loves taking a few drops of these before bed as it quickly provides a calming, elevated but subtle & sleepy euphoria.

3. Lord Jones Royal Oil CBD Tincture

Flavor: Natural
1000 mg

This multi-purpose oil has a light cannabis scent and an orange-green tone. Our most popular use for this type of tincture is as face oil, although you can rub it anywhere you feel dry or irritated. You can also work this oil into many beauty routines with a jade facial roller and apply lightly before using moisturizer or cream. We love incorporating Lord Jones into a skincare routine but have also tried it as a beverage booster and applied it under the the tongue. The branding is reminiscent of House Baratheon from Game of Thrones. Lord Jones is on the expensive end and available at Sephora.

4.  Pure Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture

Flavor: Natural
500 mg

This brand tells the world that “Not all CBD is created equal,” and so right they are. With less than 0.3% THC, their organically grown and extracted oil can be taken orally (mL measurements are on the dropper) or added to food. Our favorite way to use it: infuse it into homemade chocolate peanut butter cups. Like other tinctures, it can also be added to beverages or below the tongue.

So there you have it – our first round of CBD tincture reviews. We’ll release a new round of reviews in a few weeks!  There’s tons of CBD tinctures on the market, and we’re still sifting through the products. See you soon!
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Calm your skin with CBD Face Masks

So you love your face masks – it’s your go-to, twice-a-week part of your skin routine that’s a chance for you to connect with that “inner zen” (you know it’s deep down there) and relax.  Well, the best kept secret within the CBD category is CBD Masks.  Have you tried one?  If not, we have found two effective options which can be used independently, or coupled together for a self-care sleep routine.  If you prefer a sheet mask, we’ve tried those too and have a review of our favorite.

Option 1: Naysa CBD Dead Sea Mud Mask

This face mask is pretty much guaranteed to leave your skin feeling smooth, fresh and beautiful.  Forget the expensive Elizabeth Arden facial and opt for one of these. Everyone in the NOIDNOIRx family who has tried this mud mask has absolutely fallen in love.  The dead sea salt and vulcanus kaolin clay clean our your pores and tighten your skin while the CBD helps soothe it from the detox.  Apply the mask onto your face and wait for it to dry (8-10 minutes).  Once it does, little freckle-like marks will appear, pulling out all of the dirt and gunk stuck deep in your pores.  When the mask comes off, your skin will look and feel tighter and appear more luminous. You’ll feel as good as new by treating yourself after a long week (or day) at work.

Option 2: Kana Purple Rice Hemp Sleeping Mask

A luxurious sleeping mask made more enticing by the inclusion of Purple Rice in Kana’s pot of ingredients.  The CBD-forward skincare company educated us on the historical use of purple rice, which was reserved for Chinese Emperors and royal families back in the day.  Their cooling and wonderfully scented mask is also due to the licorice root extract.  Combining the purple rice and licorice amplify the impact of  hyaluronic acid which aids the signs of aging (think smooth fine lines).  But what we are really here for are the cannabinoids!  Mixed with green tea leaf water, the ‘noids and green tea help reduce inflammation while you sleep.  Together, all of the ingredients reduce the appearance of wrinkles and work to radiate your skin while you catch some ZzZ’s.

The best part is that you don’t have to use it just before bed.  We also like to apply and leave this mask on for an hour before washing off with warm water and following with a light moisturizer.  Do note that it is most effective when worn overnight; it provides the product with enough time to really sink into your skin and surprise you with a beautiful morning glow.   You might wake up feeling like an empress.  Appearance-wise – we like the light, milky pastel purple color (naturally deriving from the purple rice).  It’s got a lovely, subtle lightweight aroma and application. With a $65 price tag, you pay for the high quality of ingredients and overnight results.  This is in line with what we’ve paid for high-end, non-CBD masks at Sephora.  We hear that Malaysia is full of blue rice – Kana, anything new and blue in the works?

Anytime option: Joy Organics Sheet Mask

The serum in this 10 mg CBD sheet mask is rooted in Black Licorice & Rosemary extracts, creating a really refreshing and slightly sweet fragrance.  The Colorado-based company uses the entire CBD plant profile, but removed the THC.  The mask is also void of parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde & alcohol, which are often present in sheet masks.  The effect is a nourishing gloss that does not dry out your skin.  What the team really enjoyed about this is that the mask comes in two pieces, so it more evenly molds to your skin.  The smaller molecules in serums penetrate into the skin, delivering the active CBD and other plant extracts. Leave it on for 25-30 minutes.  Then, massage the leftover serum into your face and neck (there is a ton left in the package, so don’t let it go to waste – it’s good stuff).  We recommend this mask for an at home facial – $12.95 a pop although Joy does offer an intro 15% off promo code.

That’s a wrap on our favorite CBD masks so far!  We will keep testing masks, skincare products and more, so stay tuned for more honest reviews!


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What is CBD?

For those of us who may or may not have been living under a rock for the past 12 months, there’s this thing out there called CBD. Needless to say, the market of CBD products is saturated. But if you’re reading this post, you likely don’t know that, or don’t know where to begin in the sea of CBD products.

We’re here to break CBD down for you. First, CBD or cannabidiol is not the same thing as THC (AKA “marijuana”).  It’s the chemical compound you find from a cannabis plant. Yes, I know what you’re asking: “Isn’t cannabis just, pot?”  Yes and no. Hemp is the plant that produces a psychoactive component and then a non-psychoactive component. CBD is non-psychoactive. You won’t (and shouldn’t) feel any effects of euphoria from the CBD plant.  If any of your friends tells you otherwise, they should ditch the product, because it ain’t CBD. Though, there is a caveat. At one point or another during our lives, we may have experienced side effects from a certain pharmaceutical drug. There are individuals who will feel “different” when they take Advil or Tylenol. This is the case with CBD as well.  

Furthermore, because CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, you don’t always know what you’re getting. For instance, some CBD products contain trace amounts of THC. If you have a low tolerance for this actual drug, you would most likely feel a “high” after taking the CBD product. But don’t be fooled, CBD is never meant to get you high, no matter how much of it you take.

Now, I know you’re confused by all the jargon: “hemp,” “marijuana,” “cannabis.” This can all get a little confusing. There’s this plant called Cannabis sativa, and it has two species: hemp and marijuana. While there’s CBD in both plants, there’s a lot more CBD in hemp. Hemp only has about 0.3% THC in its plants, which is sort of the “legal limit” when it comes to labeling your product as a CBD product.

Previously, I stated that CBD is not regulated by the FDA. Well, it’s not regulated but there is a CBD-approved product on the market that treats epilepsy. For now, we know that CBD can treat something as serious as epilepsy, but there’s little evidence that it can treat anything else. Your friends and family may swear by CBD for treating arthritis or anxiety, but currently none of those claims are verified. 

However, we’ve talked to thousands of CBD users (and are CBD users ourselves) and we have personally experienced the benefits of CBD products. We recommend trying the different methods of taking CBD to see which one suits you the best. Whether it’s vaping, eating, putting on a cream or dropping a tincture under your tongue, we encourage you to responsibly test out a few products over a sixty-day period to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t.
Feel free to let us know what you tried in the comments below!

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Cooking with CBD: Guacamole

All good guacamole beings with good avocado.  Avocados are rich in vitamins & minerals (20+), fatty acids and folate, giving the fruit a claim to superfood power.  The most popular kind of avocado that most of us see at the grocery store or farmers market is the Hass avocado aka the “alligator pear.”  

We’re not the only ones who are crazed about CBD guac, there are dozens of recipes out there that demonstrate just how special this combo is.  While CBD doesn’t necessarily bring out any more “healthiness” in avocados, the two are a powerful combination. Avocados contain 20 different vitamins and minerals, are fiber-rich, and promote healthy digestion, lower cholesterol, proper blood sugar levels and good gut bacteria. They are higher in potassium than bananas and high in vitamin K.

If you don’t know what’s good about CBD, clearly you haven’t been reading our blog posts!  CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help you quit smoking or drugs, it can treat epilepsy, and more!  

A guacamole appetizer or side dish fits for parties or homemade snacks, so here is our CBD edition:


  • 3 avocados: peeled, pitted & smashed
  • 1 lime: juiced
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup of onion (white, yellow or red): diced
  • 4 tablespoons of fresh cilantro: chopped
  • 4-5 cherry tomatoes: diced
  • 1 teaspoon garlic: minced
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 dropper of cbd oil


In a medium sized bowl, mash up the avocados, lime juice & salt.  Proceed to incorporate the onion, cilantro, CBD Oil, tomatoes and garlic.  Finish by stirring in the cayenne pepper.

The secret to getting full flavor out of your guac is to let it sit in the fridge for an hour; although, you can serve it immediately. 

Please comment below with your own photos and let us know if you created your own variations!  If you want to read about any other specific recipes, please leave a comment!

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Demystifying the Landscape of CBD for Pain Relief: Deep Dive into 6 Pain Creams, Rubs & Patches

Millions of people are favoring CBD cream, rubs & topical patches for pain relief over prescriptions (see Martha Stewart’s latest commitment to CBD).  Whether its an alleviation of pain from arthritis, achy joints, muscles, sciatica, or recovering from a grueling workout – all of these products are to be applied directly to the area of pain or discomfort.  Our team has tried 6 different CBD options for pain relief.  Here is where we landed on the best, the worst and the in between: 

1. Best: CBD NYC Pain Relief Rub with EMU, 500 mg of CBD

This is our favorite rub for pain relief, for 2 simple reasons: its cheap & effective.  At $49.99 for 500 mg of CBD, CBD NYC provides an affordable option for pain relief.  The inclusion of EMU really caught our eye.  EMU is a an oil derived from fatty acid and connective tissue of an ostrich looking bird, native to Australia.  You can find many EMU products without CBD, but combining the two ingredients provides a synergy which amplify the benefits.  EMU became popular when studies began to show that it quickly absorbs into the skin, working as the delivery agent for the CBD, but also providing natural anti-inflammatory benefits itself. 

2. Favored: CBD Medic Muscle & Joint Advanced Pain Relief Travel Pack from Harmon’s

The individual travel packets are super convenient when you are on the go; whether in your gym bag, luggage or purse.  One box contains 10 travel packs, filled with camphor, menthol & CBD.  The ointment is potent, immediately providing a tingly cool feeling on your skin.  Inactive ingredients include organic beeswax & a plethora of oils (clove, cottonseed, eucalyptus, jojoba seed, peppermint, tea tree & the beloved hemp). 

3. Favored: Global Cannabinoid Patch, 120 mg of CBD (Broad Spectrum)

These topical CBD patches contain just one ingredient: 100% Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD that contains the full plant profile, stripped of the psychoactive THC cannabinoid). Each 120 mg patch can be worn up to 8 hours and is also water resistant (but not water proof).  Apply directly to the area of pain as long as it is void of ample hair growth as this is an adhesive product.  The Hemp sourcing GC products are grown in Oregon, Colorado & North Carolina.

4. Favored: Sagely Naturals Relief & Recovery Cream

This 2 oz bottle of “Relief & Recovery” CBD cream has a wonderful minty, menthol scent. It is a lightweight cream made with essential oils which help it go on smooth & silky. Made in the States with no sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or artificial colors or dyes, it contains 25 mg of Full Spectrum CBD per bottle. We really like this cream because it absorbs quickly without a sticky, greasy feeling. More importantly, it is effective at combating temporary aches & discomfort. Reviewers favor application on the lower back, using a hand massager to rub in for superior impact. 

5. Worst: Populum Cold Rub Therapy, 100 mg of CBD (Full Spectrum)

We noticed moderate relief when applying this cooling cream to sore muscles & joints.  With 100 mg of CBD in the entire bottle (which isnt a high dosage for 3 oz), this Hemp smells a bit like Viks vape rub.  Populum adds aloe vera to the mix, which we reckon helps heal the skin, while aiming to target pain points below the surface. The Full Spectrum CBD is also coupled with Chamomile & Arnica (rich in anti bruising & anti microbial properties).  A decent choice for muscle soreness and lactic acid build ups post workouts, but not the most effective rub for pain relief.  USA Made; about $35 a bottle

6. Worst: Joy Organics Lavender Salve

The jar is small and expense.  Since it is a salve rather then a rub, you’ve really got to rub it in to ensure absorption.  The Lavender smell is nice & calming but not as powerful as any of the other items we’ve tried.

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